Anne Chanson

My love of transforming the beauty of what I find in my own life and experiences doesn't stop with myself. I love to share the experience by creating high-quality commission pieces for individuals and companies. A personalized piece of art is something that you will value for years to come. Commission pieces vary from singular paintings or series of landscapes, portraits, murals and more. A custom painting can replicate an actual person or current place, immortalize a photograph, or be originally created from detailed images in your mind.

Have you ever been awestruck by a particular scene in nature? Perhaps the view from a mountaintop, the sunset overlooking a lake, or an early-morning moment while on vacation? Do you have a photographs from a special trip such as a weekend excursion, a honeymoon, or maybe just a special time and place from your life? Using a photograph or an in person study and interpretation, I can create a personalized painting designed to fit your preferences.

A one of a kind original piece of art can also benefit your business by creating an invigorating atmosphere with large work such as a commercial painting or mural.

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